Semester Courses Type Credits* Course Outline**


(start August)


Mental Disorder Compulsory 4 Mental Disorder
Psychology of Communication Compulsary 4 Psychology of Communication
Organizational Psychology Compulsory 3 Organizational Psychology


(start February)

Life-Span Developmental Psychology Compulsory 6 Life-span Developmental Psychology
Theories of Personality Compulsory 4 Theories of Personality
Social Psychology Compulsory 6 Social Psychology
Mental Health Compulsory 3 Mental Health

Offered anytime


Conflict Resolution Elective 2 Conflict Resolution
Psychology of Community Development Elective 2 Psychology of Community Development
Behaviour Modification Elective 2 Behaviour Modification
Psychology of Disaster and Crisis Elective 3 Psychology of Disaster and Crisis
Psychogerontology Elective 2 Psychogerontology
Psychology of Religion and Spirituality Elective 2 Psychology of Religion and Spirituality
Psychology of Art Elective 2 Psychology of Arts
Gender Psychology Elective 2 Gender Psychology
Health Psychology Elective 2


*): 1 credit consists of 50 minutes lecture which can be conducted inside or outside the class (field-trip, discussion, guest lecturer, etc)
**): The details of materials planned in weekly meeting, assignments, projects, and examination, are possible to be changed by the lecturer/s in the upcoming classes.