Research Center

Center for Indigenous and Cultural Psychology

Center for Indigenous and Cultural Psychology (CICP) serves as a center for research, development. education, and reseacrh dissemination of indigenous contemporary Indonesian psychological dynamics with constructive realism approach. Website:

Center for Public Mental Health

Center for Public Mental Health (CPMH) serves as a center for research, education, and policy advocacy in the field of mental health. Its role in mediating the engagement of academic community, professional associations, policy makers, and the general public has been central in both domestic and regional contexts. Website

Mind, Brain, and Behavior (MBB) Laboratory

The Mind, Brain & Behavior Lab specializes in the physiological and neurological side of psychology. Their research looks at psychological phenomena through several indicators, such as overt behavior, covert behavior, and physiological and neural responses. Website:

Center for Life-Span Development (CLSD)

Center for Life-Span Development is focused in the field of developmental psychology. Their goal is to provide educational services for parents, teachers, and the general public about the importance of understanding a person’s lifespan development since the prenatal stage up to the later adulthood according to the latest researches. They aim to not only use psychology to understand a person’s lifespan, but also using interdisciplinary approaches to tackle this intriguing topic. Website:

Unit Konsultasi Psikologi

Unit Konsultasi Psikologi is a unit that offers psychological counseling services for the general public. In this unit, students who are interested in delving deeper into the world of clinical psychology are allowed to participate as assistants should they fulfil the prerequisites. The recruitment is open annually, and announced in their social media. Website:

Unit Pengembangan Kualitas Manusia

Unit Pengembangan Kualitas Manusia is a unit focused in the development of human resources. Working in the field of organizational psychology, this unit provides the following services for organizations and companies: organizational assessments, talent management, organizational research, etc. Website:

Psychological Diagnostic Tool Development

The main activity of our unit is in developing various diagnostic tools and evaluating psychological test based on proper psychometric principles. We are currently developing AJT Cognitive Test, the first cognitive test in Indonesia. Website:
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