The International Undergraduate Program (IUP) Faculty of Psychology UGM welcome spirited and passionate young people from across the globe to be part of this exciting journey and make a difference in their local and global communities.

Join our 6 months student mobility program for the unique experiences of dual method of learning by combining classroom and immersion activities exploring the city.

Selected courses such as Psychology of Community Development, Psychology of Disaster and Crisis, Mental Health, Psychology of Emotion and more have been dedicated to cater your thirst of knowledge. Visit our website for detailed course offered.

UGM is located in Yogyakarta, a city on the island of Java. It is well-known to be a melting pot for Indonesian cultures due to the cultural diversity brought by the large amount of students coming from all over the country. It is also recognized as the City of Students with more than 100 universities spreading around the city.

As the heart of Indonesian culture, Yogyakarta is popular for its works of art, be it handcrafts, batik, traditional music, and performing art. It is also wealthy of tourist attractions from south to north, from a high hill of Mountain Merapi to the beautiful Southern Sea. Every corner of the city offers remarkable memories which can never be brushed away.  Jogja, the so-called name for Yogyakarta, is also admired for its balance for the modern and traditional living, all together in harmony.