Zachranti Abianca

Zachranti Abianca “Abin” Hafsari is a student of IUP batch 2017. Ever since she was a child, she has a particular fondness towards the world of visual arts. She told us that it all started when she was a child, “around the age of kindergarten,” she recalled. During that time, her mother used to have a painting teacher come over to hone her artistry. Being a small child, Abin tried to imitate her, to which her mother noticed and had a mini easel placed beside hers. “I vividly remember the moment when I made my first painting. I was painting alongside my mom, who painted a scenery. I, on the other hand, painted a blue and pink house,” she told us. Her interest was brought to school at that time, making arts and crafts as her favorite subject. read more