Andhila Sasadara

Andhila ‘Lila’ Sasadara is a third-year undergraduate student from IUP Psychology, Gadjah Mada University, Batch 2020. Recently, Lila has just finished her short course as part of taking the International Academic Exposure program in South Korea, specifically at Yonsei University for their summer school program, known as Yonsei International Summer School. According to Lila, this program is very beneficial for conducting a study abroad within a short period of time. The summer program lasted for 6-weeks, students can enroll in a maximum of 3 courses with a total of 12 credits. Students can study about their designated courses while enjoying the city of Seoul and its culture. For Lila, she enrolled in 3 courses which include Media Psychology, Introduction to Media Study, and Korean Topics related to globalizations and multiculturalism. The reason she chose those courses is to relate with the study of psychology and turns out, the courses are heavily focused on human’s behavior and several psychological theories are mentioned within those courses. The chosen courses also inline with the mandatory internship courses which are implementation of learning media, information technology, interdisciplinary approach in psychology, and contemporary issues in psychology. Thus, this program makes it easier to convert my credits from Yonsei University to my transcript in Gadjah Mada University since the courses are inline with the study of Psychology. Another point, the lecturers are nice and genuine in giving scores for the students so it really made Lila grateful for enrolling for this program. Overall, the experience in conducting short-courses at Yonsei University was very valuable and it’s a great opportunity for choosing the International Academic Exposure category if students’ prefer the shorter period of student exchange. In obtaining the information for the upcoming International Academic Exposure programs, students can visit for more options in selecting programs for taking the International Academic Exposure by International Undergraduate Program, Gadjah Mada University.  read more