International Academic Exposure

Our current students and international prospective students are encouraged to join student mobility program, including inbound program for overseas students and outbound program for Indonesian students.

The International Undergraduate Program (IUP) Faculty of Psychology UGM welcome spirited and passionate young people from across the globe to be part of this exciting journey and make a difference in their local and global communities.

Offered Courses 
Semester Courses Credits* Course Outline**


(start August)

Children and Adolescent with Special Needs 3 download
Community Psychoeducation 2 download
Conflict Resolution and Management 2 download
Counseling Psychology 3 download
Cultural Psychology 2 download
Life-Span Development 4 download
Mental Disorder 3 download
Mental Health 4 download
Psychology of Communication 2 download
Psychology of Disaster and Crisis 2 download
Psychology of Emotion: Above and Beyond Cognition 2 download
Psychology of Marriage and Family 2 download
Psychology of Religion and Spirituality 2 download


(start February)

Mental Disorder 3 TBA
Mental Health 4 TBA
Community Psychoeducation 2 TBA
Conflict Resolution 2 TBA
Life-Span Development 4 TBA
Psychology of Communication 2 TBA
Children & Adolescent Development Stimulation 2 TBA

*): 1 credit equals to 1.25 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System). Lectures can be conducted inside or outside the class (field-trip, discussion, guest lecturer, etc)

**): The details of materials planned in weekly meeting, assignments, projects, and examination, are possible to be changed by the lecturer/s in the upcoming classes.

Being a part of an international academic community, students of the International Undergraduate Program are expected to participate and contribute to the academic community. The opportunity to do so is accommodated through the International Academic Exposure that students can join in the 5th and/or 6th semester. In order to take part in the International Academic Exposure, there are several steps that must be taken, as well as requirements to fulfil before students are considered eligible for this program. After all, we want our students to be fully prepared for the international community!
In the poster and video below, you can take a look at the procedures so that you know what to expect and prepare for before venturing out as young academicians!


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