Founded 50 years after UGM’s inception, the International Undergraduate Program (IUP) is equipped with internationally trained teaching staff, cutting-edge facilities, and academic excellence.

We work with only the most spirited and passionate young individuals from diverse, unique backgrounds to tackle the global challenges of the 21st century and create significant change within their community.

Academic Excellence

Our curriculum is accredited by the ASEAN University Network. The undergraduate program awards students with a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

World-Class Research

Our students are encouraged to actively participate in doing collaborative research projects within five five research units and two psychological services providers.

Campus Life

Psychology UGM is renowned for encouraging academic excellence and celebrating high achievement

Musicians, Vocalists, Performers, Debaters and Dancers can all shine at Psychology UGM

Psychology UGM Students always have opportunities to enhance their future career skills by working with faculty units and research centers as interns.

Sport is enthusiastically celebrated throughout Psychology UGM students compete in the Intercollegiate sports





Inside Look

Check out this video to see how we can support your interest in psychology and help you reach your full potential!


IUP Students Conduct Field Studies at The Grhasia Mental Hospital

On Friday, 25th of November, the class on Mental Disorder conducted a field study at Grhasia Mental Hospital. The activities consist of several sessions, including an introduction to the mental hospital, learning materials, and real-time observation of the mental hospital ...

There’s Always Room for Hobbies and Talents

Andhila Sasadara

Andhila ‘Lila’ Sasadara is a third-year undergraduate student from IUP Psychology, Gadjah Mada University, Batch 2020. Recently, Lila has just finished her short course as part of taking the International Academic Exposure program in South Korea, specifically at Yonsei University ...
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