why psychology at ugm

Psychology is a study of mind, brain, and behavior, and is one of the most vibrant and rapidly changing field of study. The field covers a wide range of topics such as perception, thoughts, emotions, and actions –from infancy to old age– as well as social phenomena in group, organizational, educational, and cultural settings.

Our faculty offers excellent educational experience for our students to deepen their knowledge in psychology. In this faculty, we study the complexity of human behavior from various angles –from the bio-neurological to the socio-cultural. Our academic staffs are spearheading the national scholarships in the area of cognitive neuroscience, mental health, as well as indigenous psychology. As a leading psychology program in Indonesia, our faculty has attracted the most talented students from within the country and from around the world, who consider us their home. We pride ourselves for producing skilled graduates including researchers, practitioners, decision makers, and community leaders in a broad range of professional fields.