Founded in 2010, Center for Public Mental Health serves as a center for research, education, and policy advocacy in the field of mental health. Its role in mediating the engagement of academic community, professional associations, policy makers, and the general public has been central in both domestic and regional contexts.

Policy advocacy is one of the core niches of the center, as it is the motor for the national initiative to promote placement and employment of professional psychologists in primary health centers across Indonesia. It has also been active in expanding the research in the Department of Correction and State Prison in Yogyakarta. The center also has a long history of collaboration with Harvard Medical School, Faculty of Medicine of the University of Melbourne, and World Vision Australia in researching mental health issues in Indonesia.

Center for Public Mental Health has been active in disaster response and management, including its early initiatives in establishing the Crisis Center for Aceh tsunami and Bantul earthquake recovery programs.

Intern students can get involved in our community services as well as various action research with both local and international collaborators.

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